Golf Liberty, IN

Caddy Notes

Welcome to Harbor Links Golf Club. We are so happy you joined us today to play a round of the best golf in Indiana. During your round you will see some of the best views of Brookville Lake and surroundings. To make your experience more enjoyable I have added my personal tips and knowledge of Harbor Links. Good luck and enjoy your day!!
– Wes Widdows, PGA Professional

Pro’s Golf Tips (Click on Hole Name for YouTube Video)

#1 “Coffins”
You want to hit your Tee shot to the left side of this uphill fairway. Three coffin traps are waiting for you on the right. The Green is long and narrow, so you have plenty to work with on your next shot.
#2 “Patriot”
Don’t let this hole intimidate you. Just swing easy. It’s not as far as you think! Aim for the right or middle trap with a slight draw and you’re set up perfectly for your approach.
#3 “Roon the Bend”
Beautiful dog leg left. Aim your drive for the big mouth sand trap straight ahead and you’ll be in the garden spot. Don’t hit your second shot short of the green, there is a soft bowl waiting for you with 0 bounce.
#4 “Do or Dye”
Great par 5. Hit it long off the tee. If you think you’re big and you want to go for it in two, just know that the green is small and can bounce to no-where land. Do or Dye!
#5 “Six Feet Under”
Another great par 5, which runs into a gorgeous lake view. Usually with the wind in your face you won’t be able to get there in 2. There is no back drop behind the two tiered green so judging your distance is a challenge.
#6 “Kent’s Harbor”
Absolutely a fantastic vista playing this par 3. Just look around. How can you not like this hole? The wind usually comes from the west so play your shot a little toward the right side of the green if you have the nerve.
#7 “Island”
Pretty straight away shot. I recommend a 3 wood off the Tee to keep the water on both sides out of play, which leaves you a mid-iron to this well protected green. Island can only mean one thing. Water surrounds the green.
#8 “Homestead”
Nice par 3 that plays longer than it looks. Reminds me of Carolina. Take an extra club here. The hole is uphill, with the green angling right to left and it is sometimes better to be long than short. If you do hit it long you might see the foundation of a home site dating back to the 1800s.
#9 “The Fox”
Pretty straight forward, so let the shaft out. Just be aware of the mounding guarding the two level green for undesirable bounces.
#10 “Wildcat”
Par 5 that can be reachable in 2. Chance to walk away with an eagle or birdie. The key here is to know the Pin Placement because this undulating green is 120 feet long.
#11 “Cove”
Get ready to play one of the best golf holes in Indiana. Awesome view Tee to Green. Off the tee aim to the middle sand trap. Be sure to take enough club on your second shot. There is no room for error.
#12 “Road to Bath”
Long par 4. Everything you have on this one, curving left. Your best position off the tee is the middle-right side of the fairway. You will have a long iron for your second shot to this three tiered green.
#13 “Gabriel‟s Trap”
Long par 3 with a big green. Not much bounce in front of the green, so don’t hit it short thinking you’re getting a bounce on. A favorite hole of the Dyes. So quiet back here you can still hear the echos of Gabriel (birddog) yelping from getting caught in the steel jaws of a fox trap!!!
#14 “Wee Dram”
Wee dram is a measure of Scotch whisky. This hole is interesting and different. Reminds me of a hole in Scotland. Just hit an accurate 200 yard shot off the tee. If your second shot is a little long you may be surprised with a bounce back on the green. Lad or lassie, when you finish this hole, you may require a wee dram.
#15 “Blind”
Longest of the Par 5s, a strong dog leg right. Split fairway safe to the left, or go big over the creek and trees to the right. Aim your second over the 3 white rocks located on the hill. Blind is definitely the right name for this hole with an elevated, stair stepped green.
#16 “Spyglass”
Get ready to play another Panoramic Par 3! Shorter hole, but long on atmosphere. Don’t hit your shot long on this hole, as you have a huge drop behind the green. Short, or on the green is the way to play this hole. You can be pleasantly surprised by a drive slightly out of sight, left.
#17 “Risky”
Short par 4 with a temptation factor. If you feel lucky, try to go for the green. Water on the left with baby pot bunkers on the right. A long drive with a slight draw is the perfect shot to drive this green…..The safe shot is less than 200 yards into the right fairway. You’re now set for an easy approach and a putt, for birdie.
#18 “Big Ben”
Long par 4, this closing hole will give you everything you have. Hit your drive as long as you can to the right side of the fairway. There is a hidden water hazard on the left side of the green. To avoid “Big Ben” from ringing your bell, play your second shot favoring the right portion of the green. After your round, join us on the patio 19th hole. We have drinks and grilled and deli sandwiches to serve you while you relive your golf day at the lake.